Monday, March 5, 2012

Nails Inc. Reading vs. China Glaze Electrify

I have been wanting to do this comparison since the first swatches of the China Glaze Capitol Colours first came out. I thought they looked a lot a like and boy was I right. The only real difference in these two shades to me are the formula and ratio of red glitter . The nails inc formula is much smoother than the China Glaze.  Of course being  glitters they are both rough but the nails inc is just a little bit smoother. The nails inc also seems to have a more even gold to red glitter ratio where as the China Glaze has a bit more gold than red glitter.

China Glaze Electrify and nails inc Reading

nails inc Reading Label

China Glaze Electrify Label
 I think that on the nail Reading comes out maybe a hair darker than Electrify but I think it is mainly due to the red glitter. My Electrify also seemed a bit thick. I don't know if it was just my bottle or if it is the formula. 

As far as availability the China Glaze will be your best bet as it is newly released and is reasonably priced.  Unless you were lucky enough to have found Reading, the nails inc may be a little harder to come by, as it was a part of last summer's LE Music Festival Special Effects collection.  I was lucky enough to grab it while I was at the Nails inc flagship store in London this past October.
So what do you think?  I think these two are so close that they can be called dupes.  I hope you have enjoyed my first comparison post.  As always, thanks for looking.

Becky xx 

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