Saturday, October 8, 2011

butter London A/W 2011

I was lucky enough to find on my last trip to Ulta the Autumn/Winter butter London collection in it's entirety! I was so excited I bought all five shades. My wallet was not as excited as I was! :/
L-R: Toff, Wallis, No More Waity, Katie, Knees Up and Bluey

First off I started with Bluey. A gorgeous shade of a medium to dark shimmery teal. Below is the label and bottle. I absolutely love these bottles. They are so cute. Bluey went on like dream and I had complete coverage with 2 coats. Bluey is one of my favorites!

Bluey Label

Bluey Bottle

Next is Knees Up, this is a gorgeous shimmery red! I absolutely love this shade of red. I used to be a huge red fan but lately not so much! This red is incredible. Again, went on like a dream and full coverage with two coats.

Then we have my major lemming! I had been wanting this one for a long time! No More Waity, Katie is an awesome color. I would describe it as a glitter filled lavender. I absolutely love this one! My only qualm about this one was it was a little difficult application but nothing that couldn't be managed. Still love it. Full coverage with 3 coats.

Next up is Wallis this was a color I was not sure about. Wow, am I glad I bought it! I have one word for this color-Wowzers!! I love it! I would best describe this awesome color as a metallic olive gold green. It is amazing! Went on like butter and full coverage with 2 coats.

Last I have the color I only bought because it was part of the A/W line. I really was not impressed with it that much in the bottle. I liked it after I put it on but only as a work appropriate mauvy-pink. The main feeling I got from this was it seemed like a shade my mom would have worn. It really is not me. Once again went on like butter and full coverage with 2 coats.

In summary, I think that this is a great line with a little something for everyone (including mom). My favorites are No More Waity, Katie, Bluey and Wallis. butter London retails for $14 a bottle but well worth the price in my opinion. I will definitely be buying more colors from this great brand. butter London can be purchased at butter London online, Ulta, Nordstrom, and Amazon to name a few. I hope you enjoyed this review and love these shades as much as I do!
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  1. I can't believe you were able to get the whole collection! Nice! x

  2. Thanks :) I was so excited the cashier at Ulta probably thought I was nuts! :D

  3. OMG! Great swatches! I am about to add No More waity, Katy to my wish list!

  4. Thanks! You won't be sorry. It's a gorgeous shade! :)